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A wooden playhouse will capture your kid’s imagination

Buying a wooden wendy house

A wooden playhouse will capture your kid’s imagination

Log Cabins Lakeland offers a unique way to keep the magic of childhood alive for longer. There are few more exciting things as a kid than building your very first fort. The thrill of darkness as your eldest sibling drops a duvet over the top bunk, and lets the swathes of material conceal you in a secret space. The giggles of excitement as you pin blankets between your chest of drawers and toy boxes, crouch beneath the material and play with your action figures, away from the prying eyes of mum and dad.

Our wooden playhouses can reignite that fort-building fun, for instance our insulated garden rooms are perfectly equipped for the outdoors. The Scandinavian timber is slow-grown for durability and the double-glazed windows help to keep cool weather out. Better yet, our beautiful designs are perfect for stimulating their imagination.

Buying a wooden wendy house

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Premium wooden wendy houses

Built from carefully selected slow-grown timber, our premium wooden wendy houses are designed to last. The timber is grown from the coldest regions of Scandinavia, which ensures the toughest and most durable build. For kids who love plenty of space to play ‘house’, the most luxurious log cabins in our collection have a double-storey design or mezzanine feature – something that provides ample space for playtime.

Many of our insulated garden rooms also give you the option to customise your design. We might like to add window boxes or brass accessories, to really make your wooden playhouse your own. At Log Cabins Lakeland, we provide an optional installation service too, to help you get the most out of your new log cabin with minimum fuss.

Our skilled installation team offer a completely personal service. If you would prefer a full installation, an additional decking or veranda space. Perhaps you would prefer us to lay the foundations for your wooden wendy house, we can do this for you.

Premium wooden wendy house

Buying a wendy house

If you’re thinking of buying a wendy house, maybe as a present that will give your family years of enjoyment. Log Cabins Lakeland is the ideal choice. We have hundreds of designs to choose from and can help you find the perfect wooden wendy house for your home. Whether you would prefer a gazebo style with panelled windows, or a large wooden playhouse with double doors and an outdoor seating area, we reckon there’s a suitable cabin in our collection.

Buying a wendy house is indeed an exciting time. Particularly if you have chosen one of our premium styles that the whole family can enjoy; for outdoor entertaining for example, or to use during the summer as a relaxing reading space. Insulated garden rooms are designed to withstand the British weather, however it’s a good idea to treat them. Speak to a member of our team about how to keep your wooden building protected from the British weather.

For more information about our FREE delivery service, or to speak to an advisor about how to weather-proof your wooden playhouse, contact Log Cabins Lakeland today on: 01931 712 044.