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Why choose Scandinavian log cabins?

why choose scandinavian log cabins? log cabins lakeland

Why choose Scandinavian log cabins?

As a nation, our fascination with Scandinavian log cabins continues to grow. As the weather gets warmer and the thought of making the most of our gardens becomes more exciting. However what is it about this type of wooden building that inspires us so much? And why do we turn to Nordic wood when building a log cabin to live in, relax in or entertain?

The allure of Scandinavian log cabins

Scandinavian log cabins have a certain charm and character that is difficult to replicate. This begins with the timber and the way it is encouraged to grow naturally in the coldest parts of the Scandinavian region. The extreme temperatures force the wood to grow slowly, ensuring growth rings are tightly packed together to allow less movement, limited knots and barely any splinters. The wood is smooth and glossy, with a feel of the outdoors you can almost smell.

Scandinavian log cabins for sale in the UK generally have a romantic feel in the way they are adorned with flowerboxes, decorative detail and wraparound porches. They are often used as a summerhouse, placed in the owners back garden, or to create additional living space such as an extra sitting room, bedroom or home office.

Many Scandinavian log cabins are also used on holiday parks as a home-away-from-home.  Scandinavian wood is the timber of choice for those building a log cabin to live in, either for themselves or to create accommodation for holiday-makers.

Building a log cabin to live in

When building a log cabin to live in, there are various considerations to make. First think about the strength of the wood you are choosing. Slow-grown timber is known for its incredible strength and durability. It has been trusted the world over for generations – this gentleman built a log cabin from slow-grown pine trees he planted himself more than 40 years ago.

The wood must also be versatile. Scandinavian log cabins are built using a combination of cuts. Glulam timber is a method used by residential log home suppliers and manufacturers to create large ornamental or structural pieces. When fusing numerous pieces together statically, in order to increase the strength and maintain the desired aesthetic.

Residential log house suppliers

Residential log house suppliers offer Scandinavian log cabins for sale in various styles and sizes. Smaller cabins can be used to create extra living space in your home – perhaps a reading room for the garden or an extra bedroom for a growing family.

Log Cabins Lakeland specialises in bespoke cabin buildings. For people who would prefer an individual specification, a playroom with storage space for example. For those looking to buy a residential log house that can be used as a holiday home, we offer an entirely individual service to help you find your ideal log cabin.

With many years in the industry, Log Cabins Lakeland specialises in the design and supply of Scandinavian log cabins. We work with many esteemed brands, such as PalmakoLugarde and Lasita Maja. We also have our own Exclusive collection, designed on-site in Penrith. If you’d like to discuss a free consultation, give us a call on 01931 712044.