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Why choose a bespoke log cabin manufacturer?

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Why choose a bespoke log cabin manufacturer?

If you’re considering building a garden summerhouse, have you thought about the facilities you need? Buying a cabin that best suits the needs of your family can be tricky. How do you determine if you have enough storage space for your garden tools? Would you still having plenty of room to relax with the best possible view of your manicured lawn?

Working with a bespoke log cabin manufacturer could be the ideal solution. Find out how Log Cabins Lakeland can design the perfect garden lodge you’ll want to live in all year round.

Design a bespoke garden building for your family

Our bespoke log cabin service allows you to remain in full control of your building. During your free initial consultation we’ll discuss the requirements for your garden summerhouse. We’ll find out which features you absolutely must have and what exciting extras you’d like to incorporate. We will produce a set of plans within 24 hours of our initial meeting, which we’ll discuss with you to ensure we get it exactly right.

Once you’re happy with the layout, the angled drawings and the final measurements, we’ll get to work on your bespoke garden building.

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The do’s and don’ts of building a garden summerhouse

When building a garden summerhouse, there are numerous things you should consider. There are also a few things you should probably avoid if you want to enjoy your summerhouse for a long time.

Do –

  • Have a full consultation with a professional. A garden summerhouse can be an expensive investment. Particularly if you are looking for a substantial building that can be used for entertaining or extending your living space. Think about what you really want from your wooden building and discuss this with a log cabin manufacturer. There may be some useful design options you hadn’t considered.
  • Think about the layout of your garden and its exposure to the sun. When you are blessed with a south-facing garden, you will have a great deal of sunshine in your garden. If not, there may only be a certain spot that gets the sun all day long. If you would like space to relax outside of your summerhouse, this would be the ideal place to have a decking or porch area.
  • Invest in a professional installation service. Building a garden summerhouse yourself and from scratch takes a great deal of time and effort. You will most likely need to rally some support from friends or family members, and there is a chance that the build could go wrong. Plus, why waste time building your own garden building when you could have a professional install it in next to no time? The British summer is only so long after all. So why not enjoy it as long as you can?

Don’t –

  • Rush into a decision. Consider all options available to you, including a bespoke service. Garden summerhouses come in various forms, shapes and sizes. Make sure you shop around to ensure your wooden building offers you the longevity you really need.
  • Be stingy. Of course you don’t want to go overboard on cost and it is important that your garden building offers good value for money. But equally, this sort of investment should cover all bases and should be enjoyed for many years. If you would like a quiet space for reading, but also need room to store garden furniture and tools, then you should take the time to find the ideal building to suit the needs of all your family, which may mean spending a little more than you would on a standard building.

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Lodges to live in all year round

At Log Cabins Lakeland, we design and manufacture many log cabins that can be enjoyed all year round. Some of our customers have chosen to use these buildings to create additional bedroom space for a family member. This option is particularly popular for homes in rural areas or with lots of land.

Many of our log cabins meet planning compliant regulations, which mean that you do not need planning permission to build one on your property. These dual-pitch buildings are no more than 2.5 metres at the eaves and 4 metres at their highest point. They are also built across one level – allowing plenty of living space but remaining within planning compliant restrictions.

Built using slow-grown timber, all of our wooden lodges are extremely strong and durable. We have numerous premium options available, including secure lockable doors and double-glazed windows. As a professional log cabin manufacturer, we can even take care of the foundations of your build, ensuring that you have a lasting log cabin home for your whole family to enjoy.

To find out more about our log cabins to live in, speak to a cabin expert today on 01931 712044 or drop us an email on sales@logcabinslakeland.co.uk.