Palmako garden buildings – strong Scandinavian timber

One of Europe’s leading manufacturers of log cabin houses, Palmako continues to be an aspirational brand that buyers are proud to have in their back garden. Founded in Estonia, Palmako offers a range of square log garden houses constructed from premium materials. The company prides itself on the exclusive use of Nordic timber in all garden log cabins, reinforcing its mission to promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle, through the natural renewability of carefully chosen timber.

Palmako belongs to the Lemeks group and is part of the complete supply chain of timber manufacturing: from forest planting, timber sawing in mills, to manufacturing final products. Palmako uses raw materials, advanced technologies and high-level skilled labour to ensure the highest quality log cabins. If you’re interested in having your very own garden getaway, read on to discover where you could buy a Palmako log cabin.

Buying a Palmako log cabin in the UK

As a leading garden buildings supplier and manufacturer, Log Cabins Lakeland works closely with Palmako to offer an extensive collection of their log cabins. Some of the Palmako log cabins we offer include the Palmako Emily, Palmako Sally, Palmako Emma and the Palmako Melanie. Available in various shapes and sizes, the Palmako range is hugely diverse with something to suit each individual. Palmako log cabins are supplied with different window options, a choice of frames, room sizes and layouts – giving you the opportunity to enjoy a unique garden hideaway. Browse our Palmako range on the website to find other models that may interest you.

If you’re concerned about finding a cabin to accommodate your small garden, don’t worry. Palmako’s varied range has a suitable log house for all spaces. Whether that be a tool shed next to the pond or a man cave tucked away in the trees, Palmako has the log cabin for you. Different as they all may be, you can be assured of the highest quality of log cabin, leaving you with a strong and rewarding garden house that’s perfect for blazing hot summer days and chilly winter nights alike.

Don’t hesitate in finding your very own garden sanctuary. To learn more, or to book your free consultation, get in touch with the team on 01931 712 044.