It can be very annoying when you’re out and about enjoying some lovely fresh air to see a flower or shrub and think that it would go perfectly up against your bespoke log cabin, but there’s no way of finding out what it’s called. It can be virtually impossible to hunt it down and find it again, but now – thanks to the wonder of modern technology – you can do just that, simply by photographing it.

The PlantSnapp App for the Apple iPhone and iPad, developed by 23-year-old botanist George Williams, gives happy gardeners the answers to all their questions within hours of the picture being taken, as well as contact details for a trusted seller – meaning that they could soon have their favourite plant within just 24 hours of spotting it in the park.

“We want people to have access to any plant that catches their eye at the touch of a button and if we can boost the popularity of gardening as a result and in turn make Britain a greener place that would be a wonderful achievement,” he was quoted by the Daily Express as saying.

The app functions by making use of a database of more than 6,000 plant species and a network of authoritative horticultural experts to help people find exactly what they’re looking for. The move could help encourage the new generation of gardeners that have sprouted in the last couple of years, with younger people aged between 25 and 35 now keen to give it a go. The mix of technology with plant life is sure to prove enticing to many out there!