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Scandinavian Log Cabins – Why slow-grown makes the strongest log cabins

Scandinavian Log Cabins

Scandinavian Log Cabins – Why slow-grown makes the strongest log cabins

At Log Cabins Lakeland, our timber is carefully sourced from the coldest parts of the Scandinavian region. But we don’t choose to do this just for the heck of it. This extreme environment forces the wood to grow extremely slowly, which means less knots and a stronger grain. So, just how do we select the very best timber for our Scandinavian log houses? And what difference does the type of wood make to the finished construction?

Sourcing the perfect timber for our Norwegian log cabins

You may have seen examples of growth rings on trees. Perhaps you were taught as a kid that each ring on the trunk of a tree indicated a year of life. When a tree grows very slowly, the growth rings are packed much more tightly together. This means that the timber is more stable.

By its very nature, wood does tend to move. When sourcing slow-grown timber for our Norwegian log cabins, strength and rigidity is one of the most important factors, and wood that has the least movement is best for this. More tightly packed growth rings means less movement.

Of course, when looking to build Norwegian log cabin kits that will last a long time, rigidity is not the only element we look for. Slow-grown timber is more resistant to cool, damp weather too. So, it is less likely to rot. Something that you will be thankful for when your Scandinavian log house is fully erected.

Self-build Norwegian log cabin kits for your garden

If you fancy a self-build Scandinavian log cabin for your garden, the longevity of the building will be of high importance to you. Not just in terms of general use, but for aesthetic appeal too. Chance are, you would like an attractive and sturdy log cabin that allows you to enjoy your garden in all weather. Somewhere to relax and read a book, work from home – or even work out.

It is important that your summer house, home office or man cave stands the test of time. It is equally important that it ages well and doesn’t start to fade, bow or sag over time. The strong and hardened properties of slow-grown timber means that every element of your log cabin will stay in place for as long as you want it to.
Certain types of timber, that are sourced cheaply and carelessly, will expand when wet and contract when dry. This can cause joints to open up or paint to flake and crumble. With slow-grown Scandinavian timber, this is not a problem. The tightly formed growth rings have a very limited range of movement. This means that your windows, doorframes and joints remain in place, and the colourful paint that you so carefully chose, will remain in place for years to come.

Are you interested in finding Scandinavian log houses for sale in the UK? Log Cabins Lakeland offers a nationwide coverage and can take care of the entire construction for you. Get in touch with the team today to arrange a free consultation, or simply take a look at the range of log cabin homes we have available. What style will you choose for your garden?