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Alicja Leisure Building 700 x 800 Log Cabin


The Alicja Leisure Building is sleek, stylish and spacious and offers everything you could need from a permanent or temporary living quarters. The four individual rooms allow for the installation of a bathroom and kitchen with a separate bedrooms and large, ample living space. With a veranda that is protected from the elements you can choose to relax outside or take refuge inside. With one of these on your grounds you may find yourself preferring to live here.

You can further protect the outside with a micro-porous paint, allowing the timber to breathe, but at the same time doesn’t allow water to penetrate, thus ensuring a waterproof yet breathable protection.

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Additional information

Side Wall Height


Cabin Depth


Cubic Content

204, 0 m³

Wall Area

wall area: 101, 5 m²


roof overhang: F = 70 cm, B = 70 cm, L/R = 50 cm

Roof Thickness

roof area: 82, 00 m², slope 23 degrees

Window Sizes

shutters (optional)

Product Note

Sizes, dimensions and specifications are indications only and should be checked on order confirmation, we reserve the right to alter or modify materials, sizes & dimensions to improve our quality, manufacturing and packing. So please check first before place an order.

Ridge Height


Fitting Note

Windows and doors are double glazed on all buildings with the wall profiles: 34mm / 44mm / 70mm / 90mm / 34mm + 34mm / 44mm + 44mm. All other buildings are supplied with single glazed doors and windows as standard.

Illustration Notes

Roof tiles are optional and are shown for illustration use only, unless otherwise stated.

Wall Thickness


Cabin Width


Number Of Rooms



180 x 800 cm

Shingle Packs

You require 32 shingle packages. (Clay tile roofing supplied by the customer!)

Log Cabin Use

All Types, Residential Log Cabin

Planning Compliant


Log Cabin Brand

Miscellaneous Log Cabins


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