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Lodges to live in all year round: could timber buildings solve the UK housing crisis?

residential lodge manufacturers could beat the housing crisis - log cabins lakeland

Lodges to live in all year round: could timber buildings solve the UK housing crisis?

According to recent statistics from homeless charity, Shelter, more than 70,000 homeless children in England alone are living in temporary accommodation. With more than 4,000 people are sleeping rough on our streets every night. Log Cabins Lakeland explores how residential lodge manufacturers could help to solve this crisis with government support for an expansion of static-home parks.

Boosting UK housing with lodges to live in all year round

Although the US has developed a less than pleasing reputation for its trailer homes and the communities that reside in them. It appears that the UK could learn some valuable lessons about America’s solution to the housing crisis.

Log cabin homes are fast to construct. They cost the homeowner a fraction of the typical new build price tag and are built using sustainable materials. What’s more, log cabin homes could be built on existing holiday parks to supply additional housing for those struggling to get aboard the property ladder, or those who want to escape the confines of private rental.

Buying a lodge to live in all year round could help those struggling to meet even 95% mortgage agreements to own their own property. Many residential lodges cost less than £25,000. This is a far cry from the average £226,000 cost of a semi-detached house in the UK. And that is without the luxury of privacy from the neighbours. A detached home built from traditional bricks and mortar will set budding homeowners back an eye-watering £366,000 in today’s market. Which makes buying a log cabin home sound even more attractive.

Where to buy a log cabin home in England

Specialist residential lodge manufacturers generally offer a bespoke solution to finding the ideal log cabin home. Log Cabins Lakeland, based in Penrith, works closely with clients to ensure the needs of every resident are adhered too. When working with static-home parks, we offer a consultation service. We can discuss building regulations, practical designs, comfortable living space and the proximity of each home from one another.

The Independent cites the current UK housing crisis as deepening, with no end in sight. Perhaps more funding for lodges to live in all year round could help to alleviate this crisis. If you’d like to speak to a residential lodge manufacturer about buying a log cabin home for development on a static-home park, contact Log Cabins Lakeland today on 01931 712 044.