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Passion for gardening ‘growing’

Passion for gardening ‘growing’

People are spending an large amount of money on their gardens. This includes the installation of a log cabin as the crowning glory of their outdoor space – with new research revealing that an average of £647 has been spent by homeowners aged between 25 and 34 in this area in the last 12 months.

This is almost double the average spend of £366 seen the year before, according to the Lloyds Bank Insurance Britain at Home survey, with 14% saying they are focusing on this part of their home to increase its value, while 19% want to entertain people outside and 29% just really love gardening.

Furthermore, 19% are now in possession of a greenhouse, while 29% have spent money on flowers, plants and new trees. Trampolines and barbecues are also proving to be popular for homeowners at this time.

ITV’s Love Your Garden presenter Frances Tophill, noted that there is a real interest in homeliness at the moment. This includes everything from cooking, baking and gardening to arts and crafts. “It’s interesting that this trend is growing against the rise of technology and in a post-recessionary climate,” she added. “There is a sense of holding onto traditional pastimes in an increasingly fast paced modern society.”

However, it was found that 37% of people didn’t have a lock for their garden. 24% don’t have insurance for their outdoor items. It’s important that you look after your outdoor space in the same way as you would your home. It’s a good idea to check that you have the appropriate insurance in place.