Lugarde Log Cabin B48 600 x 700 cm

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Log Cabin Overview

Width: 600 cm (other sizes possible)
Depth: 700 cm (other sizes possible)
Height: 300 cm
Wall thickness, mm: 44mm
Log cabins 3D configurator

Our 3D-configurator allows you to modify this building or design your own log cabin, no strings attached.

Benefits of our 3D-configurator:

  • No extra costs for bespoke design
  • Large selection of windows, doors and colours
  • Easy to adjust dimensions
  • Price updates with every change
  • 360° design viewer
SKU: Log Cabin B48


Double glazed sealed units

  • All windows and doors are fitted with HR++ double glazing.
  • 4 mm glass + 16 mm argon gas filled + 4 mm glass.
  • Windows and doors have a high insulation value of 1.1.


With the delivery you will receive a sportsbag including:

  • The floor plan
  • List of materials
  • Assembly instructions
  • A logbook
  • All fastenings and metalworks

Pressure treated foundation beams

  • Pressure treated foundation beams require no further treatment
  • The foundation beams are fixed together with aluminium corner clips
  • The beams are included (no additional charge)

Cut logs

  • At a 44 mm wall thickness: a choice between diamond cut logs or straight cut logs.
  • At a wall thickness of 28 mm the corner profiles have diamond cut logs.
  • At a wall thickness of 68 mm the corner profiles have straight cut logs.

Roof shingles

  • Bitumen roof shingles are included
  • A choice of 5 colours:
    • Blue
    • Brown
    • Green
    • Red
    • Black

Window and door fitting

Would you like to have a chrome or brass door fitting? It’s your choice.

  • Our window handles, extenders and door handles are of very high quality.
  • You will receive a set of keys with the handles to close your summerhouse.

Internal floor

You can order an internal floor

  • Our internal floors are made of 19 mm strong wooden boards with tongue and groove.
  • Our internal floor boards are fixed to pressure treated floor beams.
  • An internal floor prevents rising damp.

Terrace floor

Terrace floor in Siberian larch wood

  • Siberian larch wood is comparable to hardwood
  • Siberian larch wood doesn’t need any further treatment

Spray-treated doors and windows

Spray-impregnation is a treatment to protect windows and doors against the fungi and rotting processes. This treatment will take care that all parts are protected, that cannot be reached after installation. You can choose between a colourless spray-impregnation or one of our four transparent colours. For an optimal protection we advise you to stain the windows and doors within 1 year. Attention: If you choose the paint treatment for your windows and doors it is not necessary to choose for spray-impregnation. During staining a pre-treatment of spray-impregnation is included. Because we check every order, this will be checked accurately in advance.

Painted windows and doors

Would you like to paint as less as possible? Then choose a factory-treatment for your windows and doors. Because you want to enjoy your summerhouse as long as possible, we will protect your windows and doors against weather influences. We will do this by treating them twice with a spray-treatment as a pre-treatment and then we will paint it in the colour of your choice. With these three layers the windows and doors are protected against weather influences for at least five years. We use paint of the Dutch quality brand Sigma. Attention: If you choose the paint treatment for your windows and doors it is not necessary to choose for spray-impregnation. During staining a pre-treatment of spray-impregnation is included. Because we check every order, this will be checked accurately in advance.

Pressure treatment

Pressure treatment is an alternative for staining. Pressure treatment is possible for your log cabin or Pro system (not possible with the Prima system). What does it mean?

  • Additional treatments like staining are not necessary anymore. You have a choice between a green or brown colour.
  • With pressure treatment, the impregnating fluid is forced into the wood. The impregnated wood becomes swollen, so it is therefore necessary to allow a longer delivery time to allow for drying.
  • When a log cabin is pressure treated there is no need for additional treatment.
  • After a while the wood will start to turn grey. The wood does not have to be stained but it is possible if you don’t like the grey colour.
  • Due to the high pressure during pressure treatment it is possible that the wood will change. Sometimes cracks and chinks will occur.
  • Fascia boards, roofbeams and canopies will also be pressure treated.
  • Windows and doors will not be pressure treated.

Additional information

Wall Thickness



600 cm (other sizes possible)


700 cm (other sizes possible)


18 m²


47,3 m³

Ridge height

300 cm

Wall height

225 cm


3x PJ07


1x PE45H, 1x DD01H

Roof type

Apex roof

Roof overhang

30 cm

Type of wood

First class spruce from northern countries (14 – 16 % kiln dried)

Illustration Notes

Roof tiles are optional and are shown for illustration use only, unless otherwise stated.

Product Note

Sizes, dimensions and specifications are indications only and should be checked on order confirmation, we reserve the right to alter or modify materials, sizes & dimensions to improve our quality, manufacturing and packing. So please check first before place an order.

Log Cabin Use

All Types, Garden Office, Summer House

Log Cabin Width

Up To 6 Meters Wide

Planning Compliant


Log Cabin Brand

Lugarde Log Cabins

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