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Can I put a holiday home on my land?

build holiday home on land

Can I put a holiday home on my land?

Are you considering building a holiday home on your land but you’re not sure what rules you need to follow? Read on to find out what planning permission you really need for a log cabin holiday home. It’s surprisingly easy it is to build your own.

planning permission for log cabin holiday home

Do I need planning permission for a log cabin home?

The hazy truth is that this all comes down to individual circumstances. However to make life a little easier, there are some log cabins that are designed specifically to meet planning compliant laws. Which means you can build your own holiday home without the additional worry of planning laws.

In order for a timber building to be considered planning compliant, it should abide by a couple of rules:

  • It must have only one storey
  • The eaves must be at a maximum height of 2.5 metres
  • The entire structure should be less than 4 metres in height with a dual pitch
  • For log cabins with a flat roof, the height must be no more than 3 metres
  • Your timber building should be constructed behind your property, not the side of it
  • Your own home should not be a listed property

If you would like to install a log cabin that you can rent out to holidaymakers, these guidelines will prove useful. As a landlord, you will also be responsible for various health and safety laws and it will be your responsibility to provide warm and comfortable surroundings to your guests. There are some tax benefits you can also take advantage of, which you can find out more about here.

build your own holiday home

Where do mobile caravan homes come into this?

When building a mobile home on your land, you can do so without any planning approval at all, providing that you abide by a couple of rules. But first you must establish what constitutes a mobile home.

What is a mobile home?

  • The structure must be within the following measurements: 20ft x 60ft
  • It must remain moveable
  • It must not be a person’s sole or primary residence

To comply, you must be sure that you are not in a conservation area (contact your local council if you have any doubt around this). But the most important point is that there must be some relationship between the mobile caravan and the main property. This means that you could rent out this facility as a holiday home if it is advertised as having some shared facilities; such as the bathroom or kitchen.

How can I build my own holiday home?

There are various log cabin holiday homes on the market that are delivered in a prefabricated state. This means that they’re really easy to self-assemble if you decide you’d like to take on a lot of the work yourself.

Alternatively, you could speak to our cabin experts. We can give you more information about the type of planning permission you need for your log cabin, and what building would be most suitable for your requirements. Give us a call today for a no obligation consultation on 01931 712044.