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5 steps to getting your space back with an awesome man cave

styling a man cave

5 steps to getting your space back with an awesome man cave

There’s no doubt that everyone could benefit from a little time out. Whether it’s a few uninterrupted hours to explore new terrain on Call of Duty, or some space to play pool with your friends without worrying about the noise. Sometimes every guy needs to get away from the pressures of a busy lifestyle and just take some time to relax.

If you think you could benefit from some down time, follow our step by step guide and learn how to build a man cave or wendy house for gamers, pool-players and wannabe rock stars alike.

How to build a man cave

build a man cave

Step 1

Choose your location. When building a man cave where you can really zone out and focus on your hobbies, it is important to consider other people within earshot. If you are building a man cave so that you can practice playing an instrument without disturbing your family, also consider the proximity of your new space to your neighbours. Converting a log cabin at the bottom of your garden is probably the safest option. Just be sure that any overlooking houses in the neighbourhood won’t be disturbed either.

Step 2

Find your base. The most important aspect of building a man cave is to ensure the foundation is perfect. Many timber garden buildings can be adapted into an exciting outdoor space – like a games room or DIY-den. A hardwearing log cabin provides the ideal starting ground when first considering your man cave ideas. Particularly strong cabins are those built from a slow-grown timber. This is because the growth rings are tightly compacted, which minimises any movement or bowing in the wood. So, you can enjoy your man cave for longer.

Step 3

Decide on a theme. Your man cave should be all about you. If you’d like a den where you can kick back and enjoy listening to your eclectic record collection, perhaps find a cool gramophone or an old jukebox you can use as a focal point. Equally, if you’re building a man cave for gamers, you may want to invest in a unique gaming chair that you can style your room around. Using a bold colour would help you to style the rest of your room – maybe with some cool gaming prints on your wall, or some collectable items you could display on a shelving unit.

Step 4

Set some ground rules. Of course, it goes without saying that a man cave should be your own personal space. Make sure the family understand that once the door to your man cave shuts, you shouldn’t be disturbed. Unless of course, if anyone decides to bring snacks!

Step 5

Enjoy your space. Kick back, relax and make the most of your down time.

how to create a man cave

Man cave ideas for a small room

Already have a small space you’d like to convert into a man cave? Or you’d like a small timber building for your garden, but don’t have a lot of space to work with? Here are some useful tips for making the most of the room you have available:

  • Use ‘zones’ to make the space more manageable. Keep your gaming activities in one area with an under-counter beer fridge and sofa in another.
  • Maximise your natural light. Large windows are great, but if you’re not blessed with these, think about removing any curtains and using a discreet venetian that’s easy to adjust without blocking too much light. Keep colours bright and airy. White furnishings and uncluttered floor space will help open out the room. Just be careful when handling pizza.
  • Use wall space for extra storage. No space to store your old mix tapes or vintage SNES games? Build a floor-to-ceiling shelving display to keep your treasures safe.

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