Take the stress out of self-assembly with our excellent log cabin installation package

If you’re looking to buy a log cabin with installation included, Log Cabins Lakeland offers an installation package. We have a skilled installation team who can take care of the build of your log cabin kit. We will ensure your log cabin is assembled swiftly with minimal fuss, therefore allowing you can sit back, relax and enjoy.

Log cabin bases with installation

If you prefer, we can provide log cabins with installation of just the foundations. Log Cabins Lakeland are happy to lay foundation bases for your log cabin, we ensure your log cabin has a sturdy start in life. We offer a variety of log cabin bases to suit your requirements and budget.

You can choose solid concrete bases or timber framed bases, depending on your preferences. Remember, if you are adding a veranda or deck to your log cabin then you will need to incorporate the size of this into the overall dimensions of your finished log cabin kit, before we lay the base.

Log cabins with installation of decking and verandas

We can also add a veranda or decking to your log cabin to create an outdoor space to enjoy.  We can cater for any size or shape. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to obtain a quote on 01931 712044. Check out our image gallery for samples of our work.

Log cabin installation prices

Not included in the cost of our log cabin kits, but we can create a package to suit your budget requirements. Our professional team will take care of the entire build, from laying the foundations through to assembly and the finishing touches, like outdoor decking space and window boxes.

To discuss our log cabin installation prices, please give us a call on 01931 712044. Don’t forget to check out our image gallery for samples of our work. Please read our full installation terms to ensure you are happy before going ahead.


As timber is a natural product minor adjustments, when the building settles, may have to be carried out by the customer. Adjustments may be needed to the doors and windows as they may drop, expand and contract over the season. Alternatively, adjustments can be carried out on a chargeable basis by our installation teams.


We strongly recommend that you treat any exposed timber within a week of installation and install guttering within 14 days. Your warranty may be affected if you fail to adhere to this advice. Please see our Terms & Conditions (Warranty) for full details.

Polite Notice: In most cases we do take the packaging with us after an installation. However, in some situations where our teams are moving on to another install it may not always be possible and customers are required to dispose of the packaging themselves after installation.

Care tips for your cabin

Your log cabin installation can last a lifetime if it is well cared for. We have put together a few tips that will help prolong the lifespan of your log cabin, so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

Care Tips

  • Stain or seal your log cabin with a quality wood preservative within 7 days of installation. Generally the more expensive wood treatments are the best.
  • The log cabin kit should be re-stained, re-sealed or re-painted every few years to continue the protecting level for the wood.
  • Guttering is a necessity and we recommend rolled aluminium guttering as the best for log cabins and timber buildings. Do not use half sized shed guttering.
  • Gutters should be cleaned regularly to ensure water can run away easily, therefore diverted away from the log cabin or timber building.
  • The roof should be kept in good order and the roof shingles should be inspected annually.
  • The cabin should be located away from damp areas or ground where water can collect or the base raised slightly to avoid sitting water, even if you have a concrete base.
  • There must be adequate drainage away from the cabin, thus keeping your cabin dry.
  • Use a water seal such as Watershield, Evostick or Thomas to keep leaks at bay.
  • Keep the cabin well ventilated to help prevent condensation build up.