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Watch Out For Your Garden Gnomes!

Log Cabin Home Insurance

Watch Out For Your Garden Gnomes!

Once you’ve had your log cabin installed in your garden, you’ll no doubt want to spend as much time as possible enjoying your new space – but you need to make sure that you treat it in much the same way as you would your actual house, and ensure that it’s as secure as possible when you’re not around.

Unfortunately, we’re often quite lax about security when it comes to the items in our garden. Product manager for the Co-operative Insurance Caroline Hunter noting that one in five households have reported thefts from their gardens.

“It’s better to be safe than sorry,” she observed, adding: “We’d always advise homeowners to lock away any items that can easily be stolen at night or when you go away.”

The summer months are renowned for an increase in the number of incidents involving property being taken from people’s gardens. Make sure that you’re particularly vigilant at this time of year.

If you’ve got a lot of garden gnomes, you might want to be especially careful. Co-operative Home Insurance research has now revealed that one in ten households have had gnomes swiped from their gardens. While they might not be expensive, they can hold huge sentimental value. So it’s worth doing all you can to protect them from potential thieves.

Consider putting items in your cabin or in the house, and make sure that all windows are fully secure. You may want to think about putting a lock on the cabin door.