Outhgill 7.0m x 6.0m
Outhgill 7.0m x 6.0m
Outhgill 7.0m x 6.0m
Outhgill 7.0m x 6.0m
Outhgill 7.0m x 6.0m
Outhgill 7.0m x 6.0m
Log Cabin Garage Outhgill 7.0m x 6.0m

Outhgill 7.0m x 6.0m Log Cabin

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The Outhgill 7.0m x 6.0m log cabin is the perfect man cave. Not only does it have a spacious area for a games room, workshop or movie room it also has an adjoining garage. As part of our Log Cabin Garage range, the Outhgill offers solutions to a number of issues – where to store your car and where to hide from the family when you need some peace and quiet. Much better than the traditional garden shed this will make a home away from home.

Constructed from the finest Siberian interlocking Pine. You can further protect the outside with a micro-porous paint, allowing the timber to breathe, but at the same time doesn’t allow water to penetrate, thus ensuring a waterproof yet breathable protection. To view the different wall thicknesses and specifications view the additional information tab.

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Log Cabin Doors, Windows and Pent Roof Options

Many Log Cabin suppliers offer you Low Value doors and windows with their Log Cabins.

How come? It keeps the log cabin price down and makes them more profit. We only offer the highest grade gluelam doors and windows as standard. We include quality draft sealed units, with reliable locks for security and peace of mind.

We can offer your desired log cabin with a Pent Roof Option.

What is a pent roof and why would I need one? A pent roof is the space saving solution. A log cabin with a pent roof can be placed against a wall, fence or placed in a corner. A log cabin with a pent roof has one high side with the pent sloping down, ideal for storing taller items. There’s plenty of space inside – a pent version makes full use of smaller spaces outside.

Additional information

Wall Thickness

44mm, 70mm, 90mm, 34mm + 34mm, 44mm + 44mm

Cabin Depth

6.0m / 6000mm


Roof Thickness

19mm thick tongue and groove roof boards.

Window Sizes

1x 1520mm x 710mm, 3x 1120mm x 560mm

Minimum Base Depth

5.82m / 5820mm

Door Sizes

1x 1930mm x 830mm, 1x 2500mm x 1930mm, 1x 1930mm x 3050mm

Minimum Base Width

6.82m / 6820mm

Side Wall Height

2.2m / 2200mm

Product Note

Sizes, dimensions and specifications are indications only and should be checked on order confirmation, we reserve the right to alter or modify materials, sizes & dimensions to improve our quality, manufacturing and packing. So please check first before place an order.

Fitting Note

Windows and doors are double glazed on all buildings with the wall profiles: 34mm / 44mm / 70mm / 90mm / 34mm + 34mm / 44mm + 44mm. All other buildings are supplied with single glazed doors and windows as standard.

Illustration Notes

Roof tiles are optional and are shown for illustration use only, unless otherwise stated.

Cabin Width

7.0m / 7000mm

Number Of Rooms



Ridge Height

2.9m / 2900mm

Floor Thickness

28mm thick tongue and groove floor boards, Tantalized floor bearers included.

Log Cabin Use

All Types, Garages

Log Cabin Width

Above 6 Meters Wide

Planning Compliant


Log Cabin Brand

Miscellaneous Log Cabins


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