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Log cabin decorating ideas

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Log cabin decorating ideas

After you’ve invested in your handmade log cabins and it’s safely ensconced at the bottom of your garden, you can start having all sorts of fun decorating it with your family. But what should you do? The possibilities are endless so we recommend sitting down to decide what you intend to use the space for and adjust your décor ideas accordingly.

Since these cabins are made entirely from wood, it perhaps makes sense to stick with a more rustic, natural feel when it comes to interior design. Using materials like sheepskin and leather would look lovely when it comes to upholstery and rugs, so see what you can find that you can drop into your cabin easily. There are lots of beautiful home wares to be found on eBay and other sites like Preloved that make use of such materials, so have a look to see what second-hand items you can find.

You could also make good use of pottery and vintage items like iron cookware and hang them up as statement pieces instead of pictures, which would complement the rustic feel of the wood of the cabin to perfection.

When it comes to paint, you might be a bit reluctant to cover your lovely new wooden walls but if you do decide you’re happy to paint them over, a dark red would look particularly beautiful, although you should just throw in a few simple splashes of the colour here and there rather than covering the entire cabin in this one shade. Just make sure you stain the outside of the cabin to help protect it from the elements.