If you’re looking to provide shelter for your car or van, building a carport could be the ideal solution. A wooden carport helps to keep your vehicle dry and protected from the elements.

You may find that building a wooden carport reduces frost build-up on your windscreen too, or offers shade on hot days so that the inside of your car doesn’t get too hot. Often, you can build a carport without applying for planning permission, so it’s a really useful and hassle-free addition to your home.

You may live in an area that has lots of trees or bushes on the roadside. This could mean your vehicle is often covered with fallen leaves. Trees may also be home to nesting birds that have a tendency to mess your windscreen or paintwork. In these circumstances, a timber carport provides just the right amount of shelter from the elements.

Similarly, in areas where there is little break from south-facing sunshine, a timber carport will help to prevent sun damage. Building a carport can offer some shelter from cooler weather too, helping to prevent condensation from building on your windscreen. We have a choice of timber carports in our collection which can be built according to your specifications.

Fancy some help building your wooden carport? Log Cabins Lakeland offers a professional installation service. We deliver nationwide, with most areas benefitting from a free door-to-door delivery. Find out more here.