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Hot Topic: Vertical Gardens

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Hot Topic: Vertical Gardens

One of the biggest trends to have emerged in the world of flora and fauna in the last 12 months is the UK’s penchant for vertical gardens – which would look perfect adorning the sides of your brand new log cabin.

This is being seen primarily in cities where the space for growing plants is relatively limited, so enterprising businesses and homeowners are making use of their walls and turning them into beautiful green spaces so they too can enjoy a bit of the countryside in their own urban backyard.

It’s also relatively simple to make a green wall, so don’t be put off if you’re worried you might not be able to do it. All it takes is a bit of research and some time, and before you know it you’ll have a beautiful living wall of your very own.

If you want to do it the conventional way, invest in some wire or a trellis and wait for your choice of plants to grow up it. However, you can take a shortcut and fix irrigated planting modules to a frame with an air gap and geo-textile membrane, which will take much less time and have your garden looking tip-top very quickly indeed.

These gardens also tend to be quite self-sufficient and won’t require too much work, so if you’re not hugely green-thumbed they might be a great choice. They will need a bit of looking after, with the plants replaced periodically, but for the main they just tend to manage themselves.