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Glulam Log Cabins : The number one choice for sturdy log cabins

how strong are glulam beams

Glulam Log Cabins : The number one choice for sturdy log cabins

Glulam Log Cabins

If you’re looking to make better use of your outdoor space, building glulam log cabins in your garden is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Don’t blame us if you feel an immediate need to socialise with your neighbours or start saying ‘yes’ every time the kids ask for a BBQ at the slightest glimpse of sunshine. One thing we can take full credit for however, is just how sturdy your new log cabin will be. Particularly with a combination of slow-grown timber and glulam beams.

glulam log cabins

What is glulam timber?

In its simplest form, glulam log cabins timber stands for ‘glued laminated timber’. This a method used to create particularly chunky beams or parts of a structural frame that have an unusual shape. A number of smaller pieces are connected together to make larger components that are then used to form the frame or, in some cases, the decorative parts of a log cabin home.

How are glulam beams made?

Glulam beams are made by gluing together smaller pieces of wood making a larger, stronger piece of wood. The manufacturing process is closely controlled to meet various British Standards, including BS EN 14080 and BS EN 386.

how strong are glulam beamsWhy use glulam beams?

The beauty of using glulam beams in a building structure is just how versatile it can be. Manufacturers use glulam timber to create everything from intricate window frames to large pillars. It is also very strong, thanks to its layered construction. Slow-grown timber is perfect for making quality glulam log cabins. The combination of slow-grown timber and glulam construction means your log cabin will last the distance.

why use glulam beams

How strong are glulam beams?

Glulam beams are incredibly strong. To give you an idea of just how strong, glulam is perfect for building things like churches, school buildings and libraries. Take a look at this strength test to see for yourself just how strong glulam beams are.

Where can I find a glulam log cabins?

Good log cabin manufacturers will use glulam timber in at least some elements of the structure. Here at Log Cabins Lakeland we use glulam timber in many of our window frames and structural beams to ensure strength and versatility.

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