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Don’t Tidy Your Garden…

Don’t Tidy Your Garden

Don’t Tidy Your Garden…

When you buy a log cabin, the impulse is there to make sure that your surrounding garden is always immaculate and very well kept, but if you’re a keen wildlife enthusiast as well as a gardener you might want to leave your outdoor spaces a little bit more unkempt than you’re used to.

By avoiding any tidying-up duties, you can encourage more animals and creepy crawlies to come into your garden and you’ll soon have a thriving world of wildlife and be doing your bit to help the environment as well. Try leaving your seed heads uncut as this will help the birds out a lot, while if you leave your perennials standing you can help overwintering bugs like ladybirds live a long and fruitful life.

Rather than killing slugs and snails outright – they’re still a big part of the cycle of wildlife in a garden, even if you do think they’re more of a nuisance than anything else and are munching away on your tender plants too much – try to control them using barriers like egg shells and copper bands, as well as sand.

There are ways you can garden with a view to supporting the local wildlife without damaging your own plants and putting them at risk from certain pests. Do a bit of research and look into what you can do to strike a balance between a wild garden and one that you thoroughly enjoy cultivating over the weekend. Your cabin won’t look any the worse for it, we promise. For more gardening advice, visit the Royal Horticultural Society website.