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Don’t forget to lock your log cabins

Log Cabin Lock

Don’t forget to lock your log cabins

The summer months mean lots of lovely sun and spending as much time as possible out of doors, but unfortunately they also mean that thieves increasingly target sheds that may not be properly locked, so if you are about to buy a log cabin, you need to make sure that you secure it adequately when you are not at home and at night.

Regrettably, it would seem that homeowners are rather relaxed when it comes to their shed security. A new study from M&S Bank has found that 23% of people with garden sheds admit to leaving them unlocked, while over one in ten say that they never actually secure it. This is in spite of the fact that the average shed has £597 worth of property inside it!

Head of general insurance at the bank Neil Rogers observed that the value of garden items, whether kept in the shed or in the garden itself, can quickly mount up. “We would urge householders to check whether their home insurance provides adequate cover for theft from both the shed and garden, and take the time to review what security measures they may need to secure the garden and ensure that they’re covered should the worst happen.”

He went on to suggest a couple of tips to help keep your garden secure this summer, including investing in good quality padlocks for the garden gates and shed doors, fitting locks to windows and locking property away in the shed at night time, whether this is your barbecue or your bicycle.