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Do You Dare DIY?


Do You Dare DIY?

When investing in a lovely new log cabin, it might be wise to bring the experts in to fit it in your garden, given new research revealing that one in 10 Brits have had to make a claim on their home insurance because of a botched DIY job.

According to the LV= home insurance study, in the last five years two million homeowners have done a bad DIY job, with five per cent calling out an expert to come along and fix the problem. In all, £67 million has been paid out by us Brits to fix DIY disasters.

The jobs we’re most likely to muck up include filling cracks in walls, plastering, tiling, applying sealant around baths and showers, and painting and decorating, so it might be a good idea to avoid doing these if you can.

“Homeowners need to be realistic about how much they can achieve without professional help,” managing director of the company Selwyn Fernandes remarked. “Be realistic about whether you have the skills and the time to undertake such a task.”

We think this is brilliant advice and certainly something you should do your best to stick to when it comes to your new cabin. These are great additions to any garden and you’ll treasure it forever – as long as it’s put together right. If you do it yourself, you run the risk of it collapsing around you and not only destroying your beautiful garden, but also potentially risking the lives of your friends and family, so do the sensible thing and give the experts a call.