Watch Out For Your Garden Gnomes!

Once you’ve had your log cabin installed in your garden, you’ll no doubt want to spend as much time as possible enjoying your new space – but you need to make sure that you treat it in much the same way as you would your actual house, and ensure that it’s as secure as possible […]

Don’t Tidy Your Garden…

When you buy a log cabin, the impulse is there to make sure that your surrounding garden is always immaculate and very well kept, but if you’re a keen wildlife enthusiast as well as a gardener you might want to leave your outdoor spaces a little bit more unkempt than you’re used to. By avoiding […]

Watch Out For Slugs!

After you’ve had your beautiful new bespoke log cabin installed in your garden, you need to make sure that you keep a weather eye open for an invasive species of slug that is being spotted slithering their way around many lawns and allotments in the UK at the moment. The Arion vulgaris – which also […]

Winter Care For Log Cabins

Investing in log cabins is a great idea and they can be a beautiful addition to your garden, allowing you to spend even more time outside with your friends and family. However, you need to make sure that you know exactly what you have to do to maintain your new purchase so that it stands […]

Hot Topic: Vertical Gardens

One of the biggest trends to have emerged in the world of flora and fauna in the last 12 months is the UK’s penchant for vertical gardens – which would look perfect adorning the sides of your brand new log cabin. This is being seen primarily in cities where the space for growing plants is […]

Buy A Log Cabin & Beat The Weather!

Outdoor entertaining is something we all want to do from time to time but the great British weather doesn’t always make this possible. However, if you buy a log cabin that comes with a porch or large veranda you can enjoy a bit of al fresco dining whatever the weather – and whatever time of […]

Do You Dare DIY?

When investing in a lovely new log cabin, it might be wise to bring the experts in to fit it in your garden, given new research revealing that one in 10 Brits have had to make a claim on their home insurance because of a botched DIY job. According to the LV= home insurance study, […]

How to care for your bespoke log cabin

Once you’ve invested in your bespoke log cabin, you need to make sure that you protect your investment and really look after the new addition to your home, regardless of what you use it for. Because they’re made from wood, you need to make sure that you stain the outside regularly every couple of years […]

Don’t forget to lock your log cabins

The summer months mean lots of lovely sun and spending as much time as possible out of doors, but unfortunately they also mean that thieves increasingly target sheds that may not be properly locked, so if you are about to buy a log cabin, you need to make sure that you secure it adequately when […]