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Will a wooden carport add value to my home?

Will a wooden carport add value to my home?

Building a carport that adds value

A log cabin carport can add value to your home. But choosing the right carport for this purpose can be tricky. The key to adding value to your home is to create a useable space for new buyers that will benefit them in the long-term. So, pay close attention to the structure of your carport, the strength of the timber and the materials used on the canopy. Style is important too.

Log Cabins Carport Standard 300 x 600 - 002  Log Cabins Carport Standard 300 x 600 - 001

However, it is important to remember that there is a ceiling price for every home. If the houses on your street generally sell for around £275k, there would be very little point investing in a large extension and putting your home on the market for £400k. Simply because, people looking to buy a £400k home are unlikely to want to live on a £275k street.

Sound simple enough? Log Cabins Lakeland lists the most important things you should be looking for in a log cabin carport if you want to add value to your home.

  1. Choose a hardwearing timber that lastsIf you would like to build a carport in front of your house, building materials are an important factor – particularly if you are looking to add value to your home.Slow-grown Nordic timber is perfect for this particular kind of outdoor building. This type of timber is grown in the coldest parts of the Scandinavian region. Because it is grown in such extreme conditions, the growth rings are incredibly close together. This results in a much more rigid timber, less liable to splitting, bending or weathering in any way.Put simply, when building a carport using Nordic timber, you can be assured your build will last.
  2. Create a style in keeping with your homeWhen considering how to add value to your home, pay close attention to styling. It’s easy to get caught up with the excitement of a new extension and start to consider this project completely separately to your home. But this would be detrimental to the final result if, say, you are building a modern, double-height room with chrome details and an industrial feel, onto a traditional Victorian terrace.It’s the same when building a carport. Ensure your wooden carport is designed in line with the rest of your home. Otherwise, this can impede the value of the finished building. There are various modern and traditional designs on the market. Alternatively, working with a supplier who can offer a completely bespoke service would be even more beneficial.
  3. Consider a sloped roof over a flat oneOpting for a flat roof over a sloped one can be a popular choice, and often this comes down to budget. But a sloped roof finished with clay roof tiling will ensure excellent drainage and protection against the elements.Plus, a sloped roof also gives you the option to feature a handy mezzanine space that could add even more value to your finished timber carport. We’ll go into this more below…
  4. Additional storage space and enclosed rooms boost valueOne of the secrets to adding value to a home, as discussed earlier, is to add new useable space. The most efficient way to do this would be to convert a garage to a new living space or build a conservatory and extend your home upwards, either on top of a garage or on top of an existing lower level extension. A carport can help you to achieve this.


Log Cabins Carport Prestige 596 x 506 - 001      Lugarde Wooden Garage PS11

There are some luxurious wooden carports that can not only offer space to park or store your vehicles, but also include additional rooms with secure, lockable doors. This presents a huge opportunity to boost the value of your home.

Additional outdoor rooms can be used for extra storage space, perhaps for garden tools or items that can’t be stored particularly well indoors. You could even turn these rooms into an outdoor gym or home office. The important thing is, by providing an additional room, your buyers are limited only by their imagination.

Looking to build a carport that will add value to your home? Speak to our cabin experts at Log Cabins Lakeland on 01931 712044. We offer a nationwide delivery service and can completely custom design your finished timber structure.