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Buying a log cabin holiday home

Buy log cabin holiday home UK

Buying a log cabin holiday home

Winter is bearing down upon the UK and leaving us all dreaming of those beautiful British summer days. Has your mind already wandered to your next holiday? Will you be going to your favourite English spot next summer? Where will you book to stay? Maybe you should book soon before all the good places are sold out? All these questions are left tumbling around your head with only you to answer them. Well, look no further, Log Cabins Lakeland has the answer for you!

If you’re fed up with always fighting for your favourite rental in your number one UK destination, then why not purchase your own bespoke holiday home? Buying a log cabin holiday home can be rewarding on so many levels. Not only is it your property for life, but it can be located wherever you want, accessed whenever you want and completely bespoke to your personal wants and needs. Imagine owning your own log cabin holiday home in the UK. Read on to learn all about our range of log cabin holiday homes.

70mm log cabins

If you’re looking for a modestly sized cabin that ticks all the boxes then our range of 70mm log cabins is perfect for you. Ranging from the quaint Charlotte Leisure Building to the grander Natalja Leisure Building, these log cabin holiday homes encompass everything that is comfort and pleasure.

Charlotte Leisure Building

Buy a log cabin holiday home UK

The Charlotte 70mm walled cabin is a simple structure. The spacious cabin is available for you to design and adapt to your own specifications. As well as the extensive internal space, there is also an ample veranda, perfect for sitting and relaxing outside on those summer evenings. With large double glass doors to the front, and windows above, this cabin allows a fantastic amount of light into the large open living spaces. If you’re torn on whether to buy a log cabin holiday home, this property should seal the deal for you.

Natalja Leisure Building

Log cabin holiday home UK

The Natalja leisure building is a very pretty cabin with lovely lines and symmetry. When you look at the cabin from the front, the door is flanked by windows either side and the main cabin has a small extension to the side. Internally, there are three separate rooms, although two are fairly small as they are intended for use as a bathroom and kitchen with the remainder of the space being open plan. The choice to buy a log cabin holiday home in the UK has never been easier. With this beautiful, spacious home you can’t go wrong.

94mm log cabins

When purchasing a holiday home, there are many things to take into consideration and the growth of your family is one of them. If you and your partner are planning to grow your family, or if you’re expecting grandchildren, opting for a larger property is the best bet for you. Our range of 94mm log cabins is an excellent choice for the larger log cabin holiday home in the UK.

Bari log cabin

Buying a log cabin holiday home

Featuring floor to ceiling glass doors on two sides of the cabin, the Bari 94mm log cabin benefits from a lot of light to fill the extensive internal space. There are four rooms in total, allowing for the perfect space to live, work or play. This cabin offers ample space for the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. The dining space can be positioned inside the cabin next to the doors to bring the outside in. If you are looking to buy a log cabin holiday home then this could be the cabin that you are looking for.

Alicja leisure building

Buy log cabin holiday home UK

The Alicja Leisure Building is sleek, stylish and spacious. It offers everything you could need from permanent or temporary living quarters. The four individual rooms allow for the installation of a bathroom and kitchen with separate bedrooms and large, ample living space.

With a veranda that is protected from the elements, you can choose to relax outside or take refuge inside. This cabin can offer you the perfect summer holiday home that could even be rented out during the winter months! The Alicja is an incredible investment piece that provides an array of purposes.

Buying a log cabin holiday home

Buying a log cabin holiday home with Log Cabins Lakeland couldn’t be easier. We are here to support you every step of the way and make sure that, whatever your log cabin requirements, the property is built to last and available in your specification. You can choose specific finishes with painted window and door options or treatments, in addition to optional extras like window shutters and flower boxes.

Every cabin from Log Cabins Lakeland can be customised to your own bespoke requirements. From the roof shingles to the number of windows and doors to the addition of room partitioning, you can design your log cabin to suit your exact requirements. We also provide a full installation service, so you don’t have to lift a finger!

For more information on buying a log cabin holiday home contact Log Cabins Lakeland today on 01931 712 044 or via email sales@logcabinslakeland.co.uk.