Bespoke Garden Log Cabins

Whilst we offer hundreds of bespoke log cabins to choose from it’s quite possible that you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for. Do you need a customisable log cabin to meet your exact requirements?

Perhaps you have fallen in love with a specific style of log cabin that’s a little too big or too small. Perhaps it’s just a little too large for the designated area of the garden. On the other hand perhaps it’s just the wrong shape. Maybe you need a wooden carport to house more than one car. You’ve looked through all the options and you’ve got your heart set on a particular log cabin that doesn’t exist. However, truth be told, you may need a bespoke log cabin company to fulfil your desires. Log Cabins Lakeland can help.

We can customise a log cabin to suit you

Don’t worry – you’re in the right place. We offer a customisable log cabin service that means we can build a log cabin to suit your requirements. Simply tell us what you’re looking for. Give us the dimensions, then we will draw up plans within 24 hours for your bespoke log cabin.

It may be something simple that’s required. Extra rooms, more windows or the door in a different place, or you may need a bespoke made-to-measure garage are all possible. You may be looking for a slightly smaller or larger version of something you have seen on our website. For example, you may not be able to find a log cabin that fits your specifications for some other reason. However this isn’t a problem as we can provide you with exactly what you’re looking for.

Bespoke Log Cabins – Plans within 24 hours

Whether you’re looking for a timber building to serve as a family room, office, home office, commercial premises, garden retreat, garage or carports, we will produce a set of plans within 24 hours of our original discussion for your very own bespoke garden building.

Simply tell us what you’re looking – see log cabins picture here. We draw up a set of plans showing your timber building from many different angles. Once completed we will send them to you for you to approve or amend. Once we have the final plans agreed we will ask you to double check the measurements before we go ahead and order your garden log cabin.

Customisable log cabin installation and aftercare

Part of our services include the installation and aftercare of your timber building. We offer a supply and fit service, which includes sourcing and laying the right foundations, putting your garden log cabin together, and advising on the aftercare of your timber building. We ensure that your experience is a superior one, from design to build. To conclude our aftercare advice and warranty, you can relax in your new garden log cabin, safe in the knowledge that it will last for years to come.

Customisable log cabin photo gallery