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Log Cabins Portland5 240 x 200


This pretty and compact Portland 5 log cabin will make a welcome addition to any garden. The interesting layout make it eye catching and a pleasant space to either admire from a far or use to enjoy the benefits of your garden. With covered side storage space due to the beam and roof construction you can use it to keep things covered and out of the rain. With front opening side doors and a small annex to the side your cabin can be customised to make it personal to you.

You can further protect the outside with a micro-porous paint, allowing the timber to breathe, but at the same time doesn’t allow water to penetrate, thus ensuring a waterproof yet breathable protection.

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Additional information

Wall Thickness


Wall Area

24, 5 m²

Possible Options

Extentions as you like, porches, canopies, fixed Georgian bars (brass) between the panes, shutters, flower boxes, … (Options available for door and window fittings)

Door Sizes

double door: 150 x 186 cm obscure glazed

Shingle Packs

Roofing optional with BHB EPDM foil as well as downpipe set: F1 or with weld or sheet metal provided by the customer

Cubic Content

17, 6 m³


roof overhang: F/B/R = 25 cm

Roof Thickness

Roof area: 11, 00 m², slope 3 degrees

Cabin Depth



extension on the right 60 x 140 cm with double door 100 x 186 cm solid side roof on the left 100 cm

Cabin Width


Fitting Note

Windows and doors are double glazed on all buildings with the wall profiles: 34mm / 44mm / 70mm / 90mm / 34mm + 34mm / 44mm + 44mm. All other buildings are supplied with single glazed doors and windows as standard.

Side Wall Height

wall height front: 231 cm, back: 220 cm

Product Note

Sizes, dimensions and specifications are indications only and should be checked on order confirmation, we reserve the right to alter or modify materials, sizes & dimensions to improve our quality, manufacturing and packing. So please check first before place an order.

Illustration Notes

Roof tiles are optional and are shown for illustration use only, unless otherwise stated.

Number Of Rooms


Log Cabin Use

All Types, Garden Office, Summer House

Planning Compliant


Log Cabin Brand

Bertsch Holzbau Log Cabins