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Are We In Line For An Indian Summer?

Indian Summer

Are We In Line For An Indian Summer?

Anyone who bought a log cabin in August thinking that it was going to be one of the hottest months of the year will have been sorely disappointed. In fact, the month turned out to be cool and wet, with just a smattering of sunny days for them to enjoy their new purchases.

However, the weather gods have smiled down on them at long, long last, with September shaping up nicely to be much warmer than average thanks to highs coming in north from the Mediterranean. According to the Met Office, temperatures in the south and the west of the country could reach up to 26C, much warmer than the average for this time of year of 17C.

Meterologist with the organisation Mark Wilson said that eastern Scotland and the north-east of the UK would stay relatively cloudy and cool, but everywhere else will be able to bask in glorious sunshine. “The further west you go, there is going to be more in the way of sunny spells and day by day we are going to see a gradual increase in temperatures,” he observed.

This is excellent tidings for anyone who’s just installed a new cabin in their back garden. While they can be used no matter the weather, there’s nothing quite like sitting outside in the warm sunshine with a good book and a beer (or cocktail, if that tickles your fancy more). So don’t pack away your sun cream and shorts just yet – it looks like an Indian summer might just be on the cards.