Are you looking for additional storage space at home, or somewhere to keep your new car sheltered from the weather?

If you have land available on your property which could be used to build your own garage, a self-build timber carport kit could be the ideal solution. As with anything in life, sometimes circumstances change and it is important to be able to adapt your home accordingly. If your family now has a second car on the driveway, perhaps a van used for work or a first little run-around for your son or daughter, a wooden garage may be just the thing you need.

We have a selection of timber carports and wooden garages which can be easily installed at home. We also offer an installation option, which takes the stress out of self-assembly.  Choose a single wooden garage if you’re looking for some additional space for a second vehicle. Or why not consider a premium double garage, if you would also benefit from the additional storage space – for a tumble dryer, perhaps, or a second freezer. We also offer a self-build double garage with an integrated timber carport, which offers the ideal solution for a multi-vehicle family.