Our 58mm log cabins are constructed using carefully chosen Nordic timber for incredible strength and durability. The timber is grown slowly due to the extremely cold environment, which means that the growth rings are tightly compacted to limit movement and splitting. Our 58mm wooden buildings come in various forms and can be designed to suit your personal preferences. If you are looking for a summer house or veranda for your garden, our 58mm small log cabins are ideal.

These wooden log cabins are made from 58mm slow-grown timber. They allow you to make better use of your outdoor space and give you somewhere to enjoy reading and relaxing with your family in all weather. Our 58mm small log cabins make great holiday homes too. They can be designed with various individual touches to make them really unique to you, such as flowerboxes and brass accessories.

If you’d like to speak to us about finding a 58mm log cabin for your garden, speak to our cabin experts today. We offer a free delivery service and can even take care of your log cabin installation. Get a no-obligation quote today.