All log cabins in this collection are constructed using 44mm log cabin timber, or 45mm timber, to ensure a high level of quality and strength. Each of our 45mm log cabins, car ports and verandas are built from slow-grown Nordic timber. This type of timber is grown in extremely cold conditions, however this helps to create an incredibly strong structure that withstands splitting and weathering.

Each of our 45mm summerhouses and 45mm cabins can be personalised to suit your requirements. You can add details such as, flower boxes, Georgian bars, brass elements and stylish shutters to make your 44mm log cabin your own.

Many of our 45mm summerhouses and pavilions can be used for a number of purposes. You may wish to install a home office or gym, but are struggling for space. A garden building offers the ideal solution. Many of our 45mm garages can be built with an additional, closed off room. This can be used for garden storage, or whatever takes your fancy.

Find out how you could benefit from our nationwide delivery service. Log Cabins Lakeland can also take care of your log cabin installation.

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