Log Cabins Lakeland have a extensive range of planning compliant garden log cabins. We also a full range of Lugarde, Lasita Maja and Palmako Log Cabins in all shapes and sizes.


A timber house has a unique indoor climate, low heat expenses and the charming and natural wooden design that provides a cosy, inviting atmosphere and ensures a nice living conditions.



Log Cabins Lakeland have a extensive range of planning
compliant log cabins
for sale, in all shapes and sizes.

Log Cabins For Sale | Log Cabins Lakeland


We are confident in the service that we provide and our expertise and knowledge of garden log cabins means that we are best placed to find the right products and offer you the best advice. We were one of the first log cabin suppliers to introduce the Clockhouse Pavilion range as well as many other styles of garden log cabins in all different shapes and sizes. You tell us what you need and we will match you to the right log cabin. If you need extra rooms, more windows, another door, specific customisations or anything else then just ask us and we will be happy to oblige.

Lasita Maja Log Cabins

Lasita Maja Log Cabins

Lasita Maja Log Cabins offer beautiful cabins starting at the wall thicknesses 28mm.

28mm Log Cabins

28mm Log Cabins

28mm range are brand new log cabins and bespoke log cabins available.

45mm Log Cabins

45mm Log Cabins

45mm range are brand new log cabins and bespoke log cabins available.

70mm Log Cabins

70mm Log Cabins

70mm range are brand new cabins and bespoke log cabins available.

Log Cabin Garages

Garden Log Cabins

Amazing garage product range, we offer all kinds of individual combination.


Carport Cabins

With our carport product range, we offer all kinds of individual combination.

Weekend Buildings

Weekend Log Cabins

Your dream of owning a weekend house with a wall thickness of 45 – 94mm becomes reality.

Garden Log Cabins

Garden Log Cabins

Garden log cabins offer countless options starting at the wall thicknesses 28mm.

Log Cabin Pavillions

Pavillion Log Cabins

We can construct these elegant pavilions individually according to your ideas.

Log Cabin Gazebos

Gazebo Log Cabins

Protection against sun and rain makes it a perfect host for coffee mornings or BBQ’s.

Cara Garden Log Cabins

Cara Log Cabins

Professional wooden post-and-beam construction.

Prefabricated Log Cabins

Prefab Log Cabins

Easily and securely store bikes, toys furthermore gardening tools in our prefabricated buildings.

Why Log Cabins Lakeland?

Whatever your log cabin requirements you need to ensure that the timber building you choose is built to last and furthermore available in your specification.

From garden storage to bespoke garden log cabins we have a solution for every requirement. Not only do we have an extremely extensive range of log cabins in all the possible variations you could imagine, equally important built to stand the test of time.

Built To Last

All of our timber buildings and bespoke garden log cabins are built from sustainably sourced Scandinavian timber that is selected from the coldest parts to ensure a higher quality of grain. The cabins come in a range of wall thicknesses with a choice of additions or customisations.

Choose Your Own Garden Log Cabins

Each timber building comes as a log cabin kit which means that you can either assemble it yourself or we can install it for you. You can choose specific finishes with painted window and door options or treatments, in addition to optional extras like window shutters and flower boxes.

Every cabin in the Lakeland range can be customised to your own bespoke log cabin requirements. From the roof shingles to the number of windows and doors to the addition of room partitioning suit’s your exact requirements.

Bespoke Log Cabins

Whether it’s for business or leisure use here are just some of the uses for Lakeland Log Cabins:


Garden storage – ideal storage space for the lawn mower or garden tools in addition to the kids bikes and other leisure equipment
Home office – a quiet place to work or study
Summerhouse or retreat – somewhere to escape from the world
Guest room – need extra space for guests? A log cabin is the perfect solution
Dining and entertainment – be the envy of your friends and neighbours and entertain in style
Hot tub – a hot tub party with a bar and seats – the perfect relaxation


Holiday cabin – we supply log cabins to many holiday parks across the UK
Carports and Garages – ideal for those looking for somewhere to keep vehicles protected from the elements
Workshop, home gym, hobby room – so many options for those who have run out of space in the house
Commercial offices – if you have an outdoor site a log cabin is perfect as a site office

Of course, if we listed all the possible uses for our quality log cabins then we would be here all day. See for yourself.

Our pages are full of superior timber buildings in all shapes and sizes – the possibilities are endless.

Need Reassurance?


Our log cabins are always built using logs sourced from slow-grown Siberian spruce. These Siberian sourced logs have all been kiln-dried well before being milled down to their final form and profiled in order to guarantee a uniformed, and sturdy log wall system that will have far less settling than other cabins, as well as much tighter fitting joints.

When it comes to the thickness of the log cabin walls you need to consider what kind of design you want, and what kind of use you want to get out of your timber building. While all the wall thicknesses can be found in the Technical Data section of our website, our timber building designers are able to blend walls from one design layout into another (for an adjusted price) in order to make sure you get the log cabin that you want.


This does not just go for the walls, either. If you have a log cabin layout already visualised and none of our pre-designed layouts seem to live up to it, send us a drawing and we will make a cabin that fits your vision and your needs. Whether it be making some slight modifications to one of our preexisting log cabin layouts, or designing a completely new one from scratch with you, our team of well-trained and dedicated professionals will be there to help make sure that your log cabin is truly your log cabin.

Log Cabins Lakeland are equipped with high-quality windows and doors. Our windows are 24mm glazed glass and come in two different types: Outward opening, or tilt and turn opening.


While your log cabin will require a foundation, we a do not provide foundations as part of our standard packages, but we more than happy to give you a quote for a foundation when designing your dream log cabin.

As well, our construction team can take care of the additional service of insulating your cabin – highly recommended if your log cabin is going to be used as residential or office space.

Since this step is best done during construction our staff can provide this service for you, and you can contact us at 01931 712 044 in order to receive further information.

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